Lebar Template Blog Terbaik Maksimal 960 Pixel Width

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lebar Template Blog Terbaik Maksimal 960 Pixel Width
Lebar Template Blog Terbaik 960 Pixel Width, Sisakan Ruang Kiri-Kanan

UKURAN lebar website atau blog menjadi isu dan "perdebatan" tersendiri di kalangan desainer web. Namun, hasil "studi online" tentang "page width" ini menyimpulkan: Lebar Template Web atau Blog Terbaik adalah 960 Pixel, menyisakan ruang di kiri dan kanan, tidak FULL memenuhi layar monitor komputer.

Contoh template blog atau tampilan situs web dengan ukuran 960 Pixel adalah blog demo template NJW V2 ini. Bahkan, SEMUA template hasil modifikasi CB, lebarnya juga berukuran maksimal 960 Pixel, kebanyakan ukuran 960 Pixel.

Dari "perdebatan" soal ukuran ideal lebar template, kebanyakan menyebutkan angka 960 Pixel alias tidak memenuhi layar monitor komputer, asalkan RESPONSIVE saat dibuka di Tablet dan SmartPhone.

Alasan utamanya adalah menyangkut faktor UX, User Experience, merujuk pada lebar situs terpopuler di dunia: Facebook. Tidak FULL memenuhi layar monitor kompute kita 'kan?

Berikut ini argumentasi lainnya bahwa Lebar Template Blog Terbaik 960 Pixel:

Perhaps the most important reason we typically design for 960px max-width is mathematical. You see, 960 (as a number) has a lot of factors (28, to be exact).1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 16 20 24 30 32 40 48 60 64 80 96 120 160 192 240 320 480 960

All these numbers evenly divide into 960. So a max-width of 960px has more layout options, such as 16 equally-wide columns. If we round 960 to 1000, you’ll see it has far fewer factors (16).1 2 4 5 8 10 20 25 40 50 100 125 200 250 500 1000

Even though we have 40 more pixels to work with, our options for equal-width columns are greatly diminished.

Before you think the internet will forever be a world 960px wide, there ARE times we’ll develop a site to be responsive up to 1140px for those with enormous, wide screen monitors (like me). We’ve even been known to do sites that are 100% fluid (no fixed pixel widths at all).

The determining factor, for JDM, is how the site will be used and what sorts of layouts we’ll need. If the site is supposed to be simple (no more than 4 columns – ever), we’ll design to these wider specs. Often, it proves just to be more trouble than it’s worth.

So there you go. It’s 960 because it’s just one of those magic numbers with a lot of factors. It’s likely to remain the standard until the most common screen resolution is much, much greater. For now, it’s proof to grade school math students that factors ARE actually good for something. :)

Demikian Lebar Template Blog Terbaik Maksimal 960 Pixel Width.

Sumber1: http://jdmdigital.co/2012/11/why-max-width-960/

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